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Being Seen: Sponsoring Social Media Content

So, you have this amazing content you want to share with the world, but it’s only reaching some of those in your network. We have a cure for that. Let’s sponsor some social media posts. Paid advertising with social media is very similar to Google Adwords. Like Adwords, you can run a campaign designated with […]

Social Media Integration with Television

Okay, remember when you were little and you couldn’t go anywhere without your favorite stuffed animal? Mine was a cute little lamb named “Lamby” (I know; the creativity is truly inspiring.) Well, I find that we are experiencing that same phenomenon with social media. By being constantly connected with the help of our mobile devices, […]

GaggleAMP: Spotlight on a Tool to Amplify Social Media Content

In an earlier blog post, I shared how social selling continues to grow as another tool in a salesforce’s repertoire to connect with customers and have meaningful conversations with them. Social media is being used to drive website traffic and to grow brand identity. It is now commonplace for social media to be used to […]

Final Reflections on Social Media for Management, In Hashtags

It’s been a pleasure taking part in @geraldckane‘s Social Media for Management class at Boston College. Where I anticipated this course to be informative and interactive, I didn’t have an accurate gauge of what that meant. This class is a true combination of intake and outtake. Every week has provided an opportunity to read articles […]

LinkedIn for Thought Leadership

LinkedIn ended the 2014 calendar year on a high note, closing at $2,219 million, an increase of 45% compared to $1,529 million from the previous year. Although Q1 2015 earnings have not closed yet, the trajectory looks consistent from previous quarters: steady, increasing growth. LinkedIn serves as an online Rolodex with its value translating into […]

Social Selling: That Sounds Fun.

Does this mean conducting business transactions by relating to people where buyers enjoy communicating during the process? This is a sales concept that has worked throughout generations and is still working, but the fielding play has changed. Enter social media. According to HubSpot, “social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with […]

A Sign of Success: Increasing Website Traffic

Companies are hearing the resounding message to use social media for sales and marketing, but many still struggle to prove to senior management, and even to themselves, that social media campaigns are effective for improving business. When brands aim to direct followers to particular content, social media posts typically serve as the teasers to get […]