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My initial blog’s somewhat naïve expectation that our class will involve “learning how businesses strategically use social media and digital business technologies as part of their operations” proved to be a bit of an understatement. We learned not only how social media is used, but also how social media is the very make-up some companies. Many […]

Ten Days with Apple’s iPhone X

New devices coming onto the market are met with praise, confusion, hating, loving, and, perhaps most importantly for companies, willing early adopters. As someone who spends a lot of time checking out new digital technologies, Apple’s newest device really piqued my interest. Ten days ago, I unpacked my shiny new iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) […]

Xbox Kinect is Dead – But It’s Coming Back in Your Pocket

The Xbox Kinect is no more. Or is it? Microsoft announced last week that manufacturing of the Kinect accessory for the Xbox platform would cease. The Kinect was introduced as the “future of entertainment” at a Microsoft event in June 2009 as an accessory to the Xbox 360, a last-generation game console. Kinect made it […]

Has Uber Reduced Drunk Driving?

The ease and convenience of Uber and other ridesharing services are helping to reduce drunk-driving crashes, but a recent study by Christopher Morrison, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that this reduction is not as widespread as we may hope. The study looked at ridesharing program availability and car crash history in four […]

Facebook’s Questionable Advertisements

As we discussed during our class on Facebook, the social media giant is known for controversy—whether it’s over a new feature, privacy, or using the platform for shady activities. This week, the social media company is bolstering one of their most important divisions, advertising, to combat what some refer to as “questionable advertising,” specifically in […]

Online Advertisement Tracking Hits a Major Bump

As Whitney pointed out during her presentation, marketing firms and advertising firms like DigitasLBi rely heavily on their ability to track users’ interactions with online advertising. However, with a new software update from one of the world’s largest technology companies, the job of tracking users through advertisements is getting much more difficult. Technology giant Apple […]

The Evolution of Social Media in My Life

My first experience on a “social network” was AOL Instant Messenger, back when I got my first computer with internet access in third grade. My username, created by my older brother, loosely resembled a strange commitment to my full name, my street name, and a series of random numbers – camerontaft17356. Little did I know […]