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How We Label It: Who has Shaped and Shared Pantene’s #WhipIt Campaign?

Last week I got a message from my friend on gchat, “Have you seen this!?! I want to send it to every girl I know!” she exclaimed.  She attached a link to a Business Insider article, titled “Pantene Produces an Overtly Feminist Ad But It Won’t Be Seen In The US.” Well, the article was wrong […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media (Final Thoughts)

When I started this class I was an active facebook user, but really that was about it. I’ve always felt torn between actually wanting to live my life and wanting to share it with those people that I care about. I felt the best way to strike this balance was to choose one platform, use […]

Poll: Is Crowdsourcing a Problem-solving Technique or Just Another Marketing Campaign?

In the last decade crowdsourcing has become a critical tool for businesses to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing can effectively and efficiently solve business challenges in IT, product development, operations, and other functions. According to Google (a crowdsourcing genius), the definition of crowdsource is: “obtain information or input into a particular task or […]

Batkid: The coolest viral marketing campaign you’ve ever seen

If you haven’t heard about Batkid this week, you’ve been living under rock. Just in case you somehow missed it let me summarize for you… Miles, age 5, is in remission after battling leukemia, and told the Make-A-Wish Foundation that his wish was to be “Batkid” and they mobilized the city of San Francisco to […]

Why I Blame the Huffington Post for this Late Post

11:30 pm, Sunday October 28, 2013: Huffington Post Tweets are Killing My Productivity It is 11:30 pm on Sunday night – my assigned date for blogging– and I’m just starting to write this post. Why? Because yesterday I started following @HuffingtonPost on Twitter, and well, I’ve done pretty much nothing else since then.  $#*+! It’s […]

The Social Comedian: How Mindy Kaling is Changing the Face of Comedy

The Successful Comedian, Gender, and Social Media In today’s world, what makes a comedian’s television show successful? Knowing your audience and how to reach them is a good start. Better yet, how does that comedian engage viewers beyond a 22 minute episode? How do they continue to promote that viewership? The answer is a successful […]

Marketing, Millennials, the Media, and Me

Let me start by saying if you haven’t yet seen the newest Chipotle or Guinness commercials you’re missing out. They’re incredible and they’re going viral. Why? Because Chipotle and Guinness have broken through the impossibly thick mental barrier that  millennials have built to filter out advertising and managed to convince us to perpetuate their messages instead. What’s more, we’re happy to do it. Millennials […]