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Being Healthy…ish is the Future of Fitness

Every morning, I wake up to emails from TheSkimm and the Morning Brew. Both of these website platforms offer daily journals: TheSkimm is about the goings-ons of the world, and the Morning Brew focuses on any financial and business news that is relevant to today (and very helpful in CSOM classes, too!). It’s a sacred […]

RIP Vine, My Old Friend

6 seconds. That’s all Vine was: 6 seconds of humor, glory, sadness, short stories, moments, memories, creativity, or laughter. Vine was started in June of 2012, and I absolutely loved it. I discovered Vine during my junior year of high school, and from then on out, I was hooked. I never made Vines, but my […]

Even the Beauty Industry Thinks Social Media is Ugly

If you’re a girl (or a guy) who has an Instagram, you know what it’s like to compare yourself to others. You’ve probably looked at the explore page and seen endless pictures of tan girls in bikinis with thousands of likes. You’ve seen celebrities, Instagram models, and girls you go to school with posing in […]

Turns Out, I Know Nothing…

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the class that was utterly confused on the very first day of class. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely overwhelmed and baffled at the thought of remembering exactly what Professor Kane expected of us weekly and throughout the semester, but that wasn’t the real reason I […]

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