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Social Media, Emerging Tech, and #MeToo

We’ve discussed in class the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media, the pros and cons of our tech-dependent lives, and the balance of our digital and physical lives. The interaction of social media and emerging tech with the #MeToo era encapsulates all of the above. Social media and emerging tech can be […]

The Online Fashion Exodus

I promise I’m not planning on writing about fashion for every blog, but I thought for my first real post I would stick with what I know. Something I’ve noticed throughout my time in the fashion industry and that I’ve wanted to do research on for a while now is what some industry professionals are […]

Where I’m coming from and where this class is taking me

Social media has always been an important part of my experience with my concentrations, marketing and business analytics. When my natural interest in the fashion industry led me to apply for my first internship at age sixteen, I didn’t have much professional experience to offer; all I had was enthusiasm, and a native knowledge of […]