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I Finally Understand

When I signed up for this class, I thought I was already an expert on social media and digital businesses. I was an avid user of Facebook and Instagram, I had an Amazon Prime Account, and I used Uber several times a week. However, I had a very surface level view of these platforms. I […]

The Evolution of Cyber Monday

The Beginning In just two weeks everyone’s favorite holiday will finally be here. And no I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, I’m talking about Black Friday. The term “Black Friday” was first used in 1975 to describe the day after Thanksgiving, which was the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year. The day after Thanksgiving […]

Social Media and the War ~for~ Drugs

A couple weeks ago drug overdose took the life of yet another person that I went to high school with. But the number of those who are still using life-threatening drugs are skyrocketing. Why would someone continue using after it killed one of their best friends? And the question that I really don’t know the […]

The Future of Starbucks

In my presentation I talked about how Starbucks is currently using technology that allows for mobile payments, mobile ordering, and promotions. These initiatives have been extremely successful. In September of 2016, mobile ordering accounted for 7% of transactions (which has since increased to 8%) and mobile payments accounted for 19% of transactions in the United […]

Social Media: A Path to Academic Failure

I was distraught when three of my professors this semester said computers were not allowed to be used during class. “HOW am I going to survive these classes without my computer” I thought. Taking notes on a computer is way more efficient than hand writing notes. I can type way faster than I can write, […]

From Traditional to Tech Savvy?

When I walked into my new office on the first day of my internship at HarbourVest Partners, I was in awe. It looked like a magazine. I was on the 43rd floor overlooking Boston Harbor. The white and blue furniture was polished and sophisticated and also very traditional. Much to my surprise, the traditionalism of […]

Social Media: A Tool To Show Everyone How Great Your Life Is

Perceptions of Social Media Every Saturday morning I lay in bed and catch up on what all of my friends did the night before. Typically, I’ll see as many as seventy-five Snapchat stories of barely recognizable people dancing in a dark room, twenty pictures on Instagram of girls in their cute outfits posing for the […]