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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (of Social Media)

My initial blog post about my expectations for ISYS6621 outlined my love/hate relationship with social media. Looking back on the past 14 weeks of studying social media and digital business from a variety of viewpoints, actively using and engaging on several social media platforms and hearing my colleagues’ opinions and experiences with social media, I […]

Virtual Reality – It’s a Thing Now

Virtual reality, or VR, has been the next big thing for a long time now. I never really took it seriously and paid it little attention, assuming the technology was still a long way from commercialization. But just within the last four weeks, I’ve come into contact with virtual reality on several occasions. I can’t […]

Social Media, Brand Personality, and Successful Engagement

Without a doubt, social media has proven to be a boon for business. Brands and companies use social media for a variety of interconnecting purposes: to showcase their brand personality, inform consumers about products and updates, grow their presence and raise awareness, and engage with current and potential customers, among many other things. I recently […]

Netiquette 101 – A Required Course For All Social Media Users

The term netiquette in itself sounds dated already. It was first ascribed to Apple’s Chuq von Rosbach in 1983, when the Internet was just getting off the ground to provide guidelines on how to conduct oneself in the digital realm. Over the years online etiquette has evolved to match the new tools and platforms. And […]

Using Social Gaming to Protect Endangered Species – Wait, What?

No, no, you read that quite right. This is something that I recently came across as a featured report on the BBC Global News podcast. Hardshell Labs Inc. is a start-up company based in California that has really put one and one together. They figured out that while many people care about the protection of […]

Without Facebook I Am Nothing – Or: Do We Even Exist Without Social Media

“You hate bloggers, you mock Twitter, you don’t even have a Facebook page – you’re the one who doesn’t even exist”. This quote from the movie Birdman, this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture and several other awards, triggered the inspiration for this post: If we’re not on social media, do we even exist? […]

My Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media – Can ISYS6621 Help?

At the most profound level my relationship with social media must be described as a typical love-hate-relationship. I love getting lots of information and feeling connected with so many people, but I hate the never-ending stream of content that can often feel simply overwhelming. When I registered for the course I knew that my own […]