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Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With each passing class, it seemed like every night there was so much to talk about on social media and in the digital business world.  From PR disasters to rogue national parks the course touched on so many different topics and developments in the digital world that, despite not exactly being a room full of […]

Working in Boston Tech

Next to technological hotbeds like Silicon Valley and New York it can be easy to forget that innovation can happen in your own backyard.  If four years at Boston College have provided any insight to undergraduates eyeing the tech industry, it should be that Boston has incredible potential as a progressive environment with its top […]

Would You Pay a Ransom for Your Laptop?

Imagine turning on your computer one day and being greeted with this message: This is ransomware, and in 2016 over 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred daily, raking in nearly $1 billion in profits for attackers. While there are many types of ransomware, they all result in users being unable to access their files or even fully […]

Venmo’ Money, Venmo’ Problems

My moment of self-awareness came while holding auditions for my campus improv comedy group.  As an ice breaker, we went around the room and offered people the chance to introduce themselves, where they were living, and the their most clever Venmo payment to date. A hush fell over the crowd.  Nervous freshmen glances ensued. It was […]

New iPhone Leaks Reveal Most Boring Release to Date

The Apple Kool-Aid There was a time in high school when I hadn’t drank the Apple Kool-Aid yet and still rocked my Android phone.  I liked being able to pick the phone I wanted based on features, and not just by whatever one manufacturer decided to implement that year.  I owned three droids over the […]

So, how long have you been driving for Uber?

My freshman year at Boston College, I actually remember taking taxis.  It seems like a far-out, obsolete concept to some, but just a few short years ago, the only way a group of six people were going to find their way out of the North End after dinner by car was in one of those […]

What Birch Trees Mean for Social Media

When I worked for my local public access TV station there was a local guy who made monthly painting tutorials. When we started uploading all our different content to YouTube, you can bet we did not expect How to Paint Birch Trees to become our most viewed video to date.

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