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ISYS6621: Back in Time

“Social Media” soc-ial adjective 1. of or relating to society or its organization me-di-a noun 1. plural form of medium. me·di·um noun agency or means of doing something.   Social – Media noun, adjective?, verb? 1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder 2. Brand Interaction and Engagement: JetBlue PB&J award, Oreo’s Ad 3. Connecting Information: MITRE 4. Telling a story: […]

Happy #npm15!

 #NPM15 April is National Poetry Month! The month was started in 1996 after the success of February’s Black History Month and March’s Women’s History Month. For more info on the purpose and celebration of the month, see what has to say. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I did not begin my research for […]

Power of the Pen: Journal-Keeping for Business’ Social Needs?

Disclaimer: I stated in my blog two weeks ago that I would discuss the Boston College Marching Band’s new ideas for social media leverage. Unfortunately, the bands office here at BC is running full-steam ahead for the upcoming arts fest, so those ideas will have to wait until an interview can be scheduled. However, I […]

FB: “For Boston” on FaceBook? University Bands go Social

I love marching band. As someone who has been involved with music programs for over 10 years, I know that fellow band members serve as a surrogate family. And, like a family, every band has its own traditions, values, and practices. But I know this as an “insider.” One of the challenges of marching band, […]

“Pandora” Box of Enterprise Engagement? Music as a “social” media

What have I been listening to this week? This week’s blog post was encouraged and eked out of me with the help of some classical 19th century Rimsky-Korsakov reverberating through Boston College’s Gargan Hall (my headphones, at least). I stumbled upon this song a few years ago when my piano teacher shared it with me as one […]

Social Marketing: Did Monster’s Inc. Have The Right Idea?

What service does Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. provide? Energy for the whole city to use, letting fear power the fictional city of Mike and Sully. I’ve thought, before, that the image of fear having both power and spreading through the veins of the city was a rather poetic, if not dystopian, comment on the epidemic and overwhelming nature […]

Toast, Potter, Starbucks, etc. — How I expect Social Media to progress from reports, shares, and brainstorms to collaborations

2009 – Eating Toast My initial experience with social media was one of resignation rather than expectation. Entering high school in 2009, the beginning of Facebook’s climb into becoming commonplace, or “boring” as we discussed last week, my first experience was one of annoyance as “Facebook” was constantly dropped in conversation. Dedicated to books, and harboring a […]