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ISYS6621 Highlight Reel: A Semester In Review

Good evening folks, welcome back to December Madness. It’s the final countdown of 2016, the time of year where grades are made or broken by late nights and early mornings in the library. During this tense time, I’ll take a moment to reflect back on the season of academia on the Heights. There have been […]

Digital Get Down: Royalties, Technology, and the Changing Music Industry

The race for streaming service domination has been a hot topic in the music industry of late. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and even Amazon have been vying for streaming market share, and it remains unclear who will come out on top. Spotify is the current world leader, with 40 million of their 100 million users being […]

United We Stand, Divided We Meme

“I freakin’ LOVE Joe Biden!” my roommate exclaimed, doubled over in laughter on our common room floor at 1 AM. “It’s so irrational. I know it. But all of these MEMES! They are just so great. I don’t even know that much about him”, she continued, giggling and turning her phone screen towards me, “but […]

The Cubs and This Post: Late, But (Hopefully) Worth The Wait

For those of you living under a rock–or those of you who like your sleep–the Chicago Cubs won the world series last night. Quite dramatically, I might add.  DEFINE “DRAMATICALLY” On a scale of one to Kardashian, last night’s game was Kim in tears over losing an earring in the ocean–the only difference being that […]

Wake Up, World, The Internet is Coming

At 6:50 AM, I blearily open my eyes. Van Morrison’s “Days Like This” is playing softly near my pillow, kindly letting me know that it is time for my day to begin. I mindlessly grab my iPhone, shut off the alarm, and begin checking the notifications I had missed while asleep. I scroll through my […]

Facing (Virtual) Reality: Expanding Education to the Digital World

Walking down the hallway of the elementary school in Brighton where my 4Boston volunteer group spends each Tuesday afternoon, my group mates and I could feel the end-of-class energy reverberating off the walls of each classroom we passed. The sounds of laughter, playful taunting, and squeaky sneakers all harmonized to form the familiar background music of […]

Branding Brady

As Patriots fans nervously await third string quarterback Jacoby Brissett’s starting debut against this Texans this Thursday, Tom Brady is apparently doing nothing**.  Despite sitting out his third of a four-game suspension resulting from #deflategate, Brady’s brand is as strong as ever. Following last year’s disappointing AFC Championship loss to the Broncos, NFL merchandise with Brady’s […]

Posted Up In Hillside

“When I was abroad and didn’t have wifi for one or two days, I would miss so many Instagrams” my friend Christina mused. We sat in Hillside with our New England Classics in one hand and our phones in the other. “And then when I would finally get wifi,” she continued, her eyes bulging, “I […]

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