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Are you going back to the office? Do you have your pet covered?

Since February of last year, we have gone through some crazy changes due to Covid-19. Our way of living has wholly shifted, and as a society, we are re-evaluating our priorities. Flexibility has been the norm in most industries. It has resulted in a more positive work-life balance for most people, but the real winners […]

Do You Even Trade?

What an excellent time to be alive! We live in a time where the stock market is right in our hands, thanks to all the digital transformation that has taken place in the last couple of years. The stock market is not as intimidating as it once was. No more suits, fees, or bureaucracy in […]

Ready, set, go!

I am not sure if you have been around Boylston St in the past few days, but it has some April vibes. I am not referring to the fantastic weather; I am talking about all these runners ready to conquer the 26.2 miles track. Yes, you heard me right. Marathon Monday is back in town […]

Mobile Wallets, Are You Finally Ready?

Before you start reading this fantastic blog, I have one question for you: Do you use a regular wallet or a mobile wallet? Maybe after this article, you will reconsider. Believe it or not, paying for things with your phone is not a new concept. I was amazed to find out that in 1997 Coca […]

To drop or not to drop…

This is not only my first blog for ISYS8621, but my first blog ever (of course not taking in consideration class discussions on Canvas or silly Facebook posts). I have spent countless hours staring at screens reading someone else’s articles, but to be frank, I never thought about writing myself. I never saw myself as […]