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…it will be there on YouTube tomorrow

This first thing I did this morning was peruse my Sunday morning briefing email. In minutes, I was laughing out loud at SNL skits from last night’s show. I remember when staying up late to watch the show was a tradition. Now all the skits are almost instantaneously compressed into fractions of the original viewing […]

Financial Service audience on social media… A breakout of the stats…shocking… a man’s world…

As I set out to write this blog post, I imagined covering 5 insights “social listening” tells us about the financial services industry. I did not expect to almost immediately connect to why I feel like a being a woman who has spent her career in financial services has been a rebellious act in and […]

Power to the platform people

What is a platform company anyway? Why the hype? Being a platform company has become the making it to big deal status in the modern era of business. Most elevator pitches espousing strong value props all include one word before its conclusion regardless of sector: platform. We learned from Andrew McAfee and Erik Bynjolfsson that […]