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How to use Social Media to get a great eat in NYC??

It was this summer that I got an internship in NYC. Yes, overwhelming New York with thousands, if not tens of thousands of restaurants. From Pizza places, sushi, Italian, Chinese, one, two or three Michelin stars, Japanese Omakase, and hundreds of fast-food places, yes including Shake Shack, Chik-fil-a, among others. I had several goals for […]

The world of the Digital and Mobile Payments.

Mobile payments are in people’s everyday lives. You can find it in ApplePay, AliPay from Alibaba, WeChat Pay and Tencent (in China), Paypal, Venmo, Braintree, Square and also, now Amazon (who would have thought right). Today’s blog is an intro of what I will talk in my Wednesday presentation. Rather than having to bore you […]

How Social Media has changed for me.

In the beginning, I thought Social Media was for businesses or older kids than me (FB was founded 2004, I was 14), or for people that had nothing to do with their lives or had to do something. For people that were just bored at work, at school or retirees that had access to one […]

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