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Look Guys! I’m Yak Famous!

Coming into this semester I that I thought social media was a waste of time. I was convinced and thought no one would be able to tell me otherwise. But the reason I thought this about social media was because I was underutilizing social media. My issues with social media went deeper than that though; I never […]

Surviving the CPA with Social

Conquering the CPA is a momentous task. The professional certification requires accounting students to take 150 credits, which forces a lot of students to enroll in a graduate program or overload during their undergraduate career, take four of the most difficult professional exams within an 18 month window, and work for two years under a […]

Social Media, Kids, and the Future

Wait, what? Is this normal? How? Why?   These were my reactions when I got an Instagram follow from my eight year old cousin. Fast forward a couple weeks to Christmas Day, and I am talking to him about how he is in love with his new iPhone, and he’s got the most followers on […]

Prospective Students and Social Media

In class on Monday we listened to Jane Croke’s great presentation about how social media is changing college admissions. She presented the benefits of social media from an admissions counselor’s point of view, but for my blog post this week, I am going to switch it around and examine social media through the lens of a […]

The Social World of the Mattress Business

Products seem to always be the center of attention. We are pitched a product and told how great it is and how we should buy it because it is the perfect product for us. Companies base their marketing strategies and customer outreach around the product, but often forget to keep their customers the center of attention. […]

DeflateGate: A Study of Social Media’s Effect on Pop Culture Events

The Super Bowl is the crown jewel of the NFL, a conglomerate of professional football teams worth a combined total of $45.7 billion. In the weeks leading up to the biggest revenue-generating event of this giant organization, you would think that the focus would be on the game. Instead, focus intensified on a handful of […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media

My grandparents grew up in the age of radio, a time when the amount of information an ordinary citizen received on a daily basis was limited at best.  Fast forward a few decades, and my parents were the beneficiaries of the age of television. In addition to radio, they could now see moving pictures of […]