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My opinions & an interview with Mr. Peanut

Before I share my interview with dabbing Mr. Peanut, I figured I would wrap up my perception and thoughts on Social Media and Digital Business by reacting to my “my thoughts on my initial thoughts on social media,” and explaining to you why I would never go Live on Facebook. Reactions First, sorry for calling […]

Social Media and Digital Business invades Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival series on Netflix and plan on watching STOP READING!!! As a large Gilmore Girls fan, I was excited as ever to watch the revival series which came out on November 25th, 2016! Perfectly planned so after staying up all night Black […]

Who are we influenced by?

This week I wanted to focus on what influencer marketing is, how companies choose influencers, what an “ask” sounds like, and how influencers have changed the marketing game. What is Influencer Marketing? By a basic Google search, Influencer marketing is defined as “a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals […]

I got it From My Mama; A Blog about Assets

Disclaimer: This blog sadly has nothing to do with my mother or a song by However, this blog will be about assets – the good and the horrible. Social Strategy for a company includes when to post, what channels, making sure the post is aligned with the mission and goals of the overarching company. What I […]

Have you registered to vote?

As I was skimming through social media this week, one common theme popped up on my social channels and the messages were all the same; Register to vote. Each channel of media pushed it in their own way. At first, I did not notice it, but once I was looking the messages were everywhere. I decided […]

Our Social World

The concept of Social Media is a complicated one. Looking at Social Media’s face value to a user, it is a quick and convenient way of getting in touch with the surrounding world, yet it is used for so much more.   You can joke or be terrified about how much you can discover through […]

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