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AR and Navigation: Google’s soon-to-be New Feature

Have you ever traveled to a new city or an unfamiliar spot in Boston, opened Google Maps to make sure you are walking the correct way, only to find out a few minutes later you began your walk turning the wrong direction? We’ve all been in this situation. Google may have found the solution for […]

Saving Employers and Employees Money

What’s an easy way to encourage employees to take steps to be healthy? Incentivize them with money. That’s exactly what Fidelity Investments does for its employees. A few years after the firm prohibited smoking on its campuses and made resources available to help employees quit, Fidelity introduced this new benefit on top of a fixed […]

#IS6621 Expectations

“You never end up applying 90% of the things you learn in your job.” I heard this over and over again while I was an undergraduate student whether it came from peers or folks who had gone to college. They were right for the most part. Maybe 90% is high, but it’s not too far […]