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What to Make of AdBlock?

AdBlock For this final blog post, concluding my reflections on social media for #IS6621 Social Media and Web 2.0 for Managers, I plan to write a short exposition on AdBlock and then discuss some very tangible takeaways from my time on Twitter, in-class discussions and reading some very incredible blogs from the semester. As my […]

Not Quite Freemium Economics

So, what happens when you combine something that is outwardly entirely available for free and incorporate several options within the game only available at a premium? You get the tiered business model that has turned the mobile gaming industry on its head: ‘freemium.’ “Freemium is not Free” “Freemium is a pricing strategy by which a product […]

Coding with a Purpose

Google. The giant. The company that is in almost everything. How could one blog post of 1,000 words possibly encompass the mammoth that has its hands in just about everything? Well, simply put: it cannot. And that’s why I am not attempting to tackle the behemoth that is YouTube or the controversial mandatory Google+ accounts, […]

To Selfie or Not to Selfie? That’s not the Question

The me-first traveller: a person who positively positions himself or herself to be prominently associated with a given experience as opposed to merely presenting an image as a travel experience. Before further developing upon these thoughts, a short video will help to further illustrate my definition, but first let me take a selfie:     We’ve […]

#FearTheDeer: Social Media and Professional Sports Teams

The Milwaukee Bucks finished in last place in the National Basketball Association for the 2013-2014 season with a record of 15-67. And as a Wisconsin native and Bucks superfan, I must sadly admit that the Bucks were not very good at basketball for this last season. Luckily, as a fan of social media, I get […]

Social Media, You are Scary

Ah, social media. How I loathe you. Not because of my embarrassing history of involving “Duke” in my early screen names and emails – author’s note: we all make mistakes, but hit me up on Xbox Live @Dukehoopsfan422. Not because of my stagnating amount of Twitter followers. Not because the last a dozen pictures of […]

Shhhhhh – Test Post

Definitely not doing a test post during class. Okay, back to listening to social media things.