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Goodbye, Snack Time, My Love

If I remember correctly, I came into this class cynical about social media. Although social media can be extremely beneficial and have improved society significantly, for some reason, the dark side of it always made stronger impressions in my mind. I’ve always held the view that being on social media 24/7 is unnecessary and it’s obsessive, and […]

When Startups Invade Thanksgiving

There are two types of people in the world: those who have their turkeys picked out a week before Thanksgiving, or those who get all the supplies last minute. Or, if you’re not the one cooking, you could be the type of person who hops on the plane at noon on Thanksgiving day, getting there […]

#Mizzou and Anonymity on Social Media

The word “anonymous” implies mixed connotations. It can be great in many instances. For example, the Facebook page BC Compliments posts anonymous compliments about students on campus to help promote unity and positivity. Anonymous suggestion boxes help to gather honest feedback for effective improvement; and before the Facebook page “BC Confessions” was taken down, it was a page that […]

I’m Snapchat Friends with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Snapchat is probably the most used app on my phone. This is also probably true for many others. Snapchat is my favorite social media platform for several reasons. The visual component makes it much more exciting than a simple text or Facebook message A personal snapchat is much more intimate, whereas an Instagram photo or a […]


True Life: people are dying from taking selfies. This photo, taken from a Huffuington Post article showcasing the danger in taking risky selfies, shows us just how reckless people are becoming to get that perfect picture. There are countless gorgeous, breathtaking spots in the world, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t get a picture when […]

“Dear Fat People” – What Would You Do to Go Viral?

How cool would it be to go viral? How cool would it be to turn into a temporary mini celebrity and then all of a sudden get invited onto The Ellen Show? Whether it’s a little kid singing Bruno Mars, a girl accidentally burning her hair off while doing a curling iron tutorial, or Alex from […]

Am I (Unintentionally) Headed For A Career in Social Media?

In today’s world, if you’re not on social media, you’re really missing out on a big chunk of life. It’s not only a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, but it also acts as a significant news source. When Boston universities announced class cancellations last winter, it didn’t matter if you don’t check […]