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Youtube Adpocalypse: the product of AI shortcomings, a divisive political climate, and a hyper targeted ad strategy.

The Boycott Begins In late March, major brands began removing their ads campaigns from all of Google’s non-search advertising platforms following the London Times’ investigation revealing that many of the companies’ ads had appeared tacked to videos promoting terrorism and propagating hate speech. Over the course of the next week, more than 250 companies, including […]

How to write the most popular blog of the week

Use gifs. That’s it. By starting my blog off with a gif, I upped your likelihood of continuing to read this article and commenting seven fold. Pretty good, huh? But I guess now that I’ve given away the gist of my entire blog post in the first sentence, that likelihood has been diminished a little […]

Social Media: Putting the ‘Mad’ in March Madness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or taking a social media hiatus, you’re sure to have noticed that the annual collegiate Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament–March Madness–has been dominating the nation’s captivation over the past week and a half. Begun in 1939, March Madness has been near the center of America’s sports culture for […]

Building the World’s Biggest Nation of Nerds (Through the Internet, Of Course)

Last weekend, myself and over 3,000 strangers gathered at the Hynes Convention Center to attend two days worth of diverse seminars, performances, workshops, and meetups. Once there, however, barriers of age, gender, interests, and geographical location were broken down in favor of one commonality: the self-proclaimed title of “Nerdfighter.” (a fan of the Vlogbrothers Youtube […]

So, why does the random sophomore in class love the Warriors so much??

Yes, that featured image is me posing with a cardboard cutout of Steph Curry. And before you ask, yes, he is mine, he lives in my dorm room, and he was a Christmas present. I swear, though, I’m not that weird–I just take my dedication to ironic comedy a little too seriously and also just […]

Only 90s Kids Will…Be Commercially Exploited???

Despite the fact that at the turn of the century I was still a toddler attempting to string together comprehensible sentences, I very much identify with the allure and inexplicable mysticism of being a 90s baby. From Smashmouth and Arthur memes to chokers and flannels, I have fully embraced the revival of millenials’ favorite decade. […]

I’m sorry, Mom

Never give out your real name online Never post your current location Never talk to strangers online Never accept a friend/follow request from a stranger Never meet a stranger from online in person These are the rules I was taught as an elementary school student in an iSafe presentation put on by the librarians. The […]