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Challenge Completed! + Farewell Post

Hard to believe that I’m writing this final blog post for the class. It didn’t seem too long ago when I first poured in my initial thoughts about Social Media in the beginning of the semester. Having an urban Indonesian background has made me quite aware of its cultural and societal impacts; it comes with […]

Game-changers: The Birth Of Ideas

No words can describe my gratefulness to be a part of the remarkable phase of change in humanity: the digital revolution. Social media, a broad concept deemed too dynamic to define, has connected the world in unprecedented ways. Information travels faster than the speed of light, and technological advancement has opened many opportunities for invention. […]

Coursera: Free Higher Education

Coursera is an online education company launched by Stanford University professors in April 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Coursera offers massive open online courses (MOOC), in which anyone from around the world can gain free access to “video lectures” and assignments of classes from renowned universities worldwide. It offers a broad variety […]

Chloe+Isabel: Reinventing Direct Sales

“My mission was, and remains to this day, to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.” – Chantel Waterbury, Founder and CEO of Chloe+Isabel Founded in 2010, Chloe+Isabel was one of the first online businesses that integrated direct sales into social networks. Ms. Waterbury has created a jewelry destination for young women who […]

Luxury Brands: The Incompatibility Myth

Luxury brands today have invested a lot to maintain their high brand image. Certain brands have existed for decades and have preserved their aura of prestige for generations. But with the rise of e-commerce, myths have circulated the industry that discourage digital marketing. While social media promotes a great audience reach and effective consumer engagement […]

Hypothetically Dating This Woman…

Online dating platforms have been a viable cupid alternative for unmarried professionals, and teenagers. But there exists great skepticism in this concept, as users tend to be somewhat deceitful for the purpose of impressing prospects. This includes the bias in user profiles, all flaunting their best characteristics to attract someone. On the other hand, Studies […]

4 Things To Be Accomplished Before End Of Semester

  In all honesty, I had a highly skeptical view of social media. The idea of having our personal information archived and displayed publicly is 10% of the reason I have trouble sleeping at night. I am also pretty sure that most of my embarrassing Facebook pictures/brooding teenage tweets will live on for my future […]