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My Journey Through #IS6621

When I registered for Social Media & Digital Business, I remember being excited that I was finally going to get a break from the super fast paced, high stress, quarterly semester system that was part of the first year Full-Time MBA core. I mean, social media couldn’t be too hard right? And we also had […]

Discount Shopping: A New Norm?

Since Halloween ended, many of you have probably started listening to your Christmas playlist or heard them being played somewhere. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching as well, it is officially peak holiday shopping season. We drive to the mall with our list of gift ideas, spend a few hours deciding what to get and […]

Social Media & E-Commerce

As consumers, we universally know that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are ubiquitous in our life as a form of entertainment, a method of communication or an opportunity to grow professionally. During these moments on social media, we’ve also been the victim of sponsored posts, video and retargeting ads in some way shape or form. […]

You Should Join A Fantasy Sports League

Analytics has been a huge buzzword as of late and the sports industry has been making great use of the data and statistics. The NBA season kicked off last week, which means that many fantasy drafts also occurred across the world. Whether it was a 10-man, 12-man or 14-man league, most team managers already had […]

Digital Technology’s Effect On Daily Living

Imagine that there are five completely identical people that are each shown one of five different forms of advertisement for a new product release – a video, a news article, a research paper, a podcast and a social media post. Which form of content would have the most attention dedicated to it? Personally, I think […]

Social Networks & Video Games

In the eyes of many, video games carry a negative stigma. When I was growing up, my parents would often scold me for playing video games, calling them a waste of mental energy that distracts you when you need to be productive. However, with the rise of social media in the past decade, video games […]

The Mystery Of Social Media

Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Discord. You name it and I’ve most likely used it or heard of it before. All of these aforementioned social media communities may have unique features but are centralized upon the common theme of connecting networks of people. It’s only been around for a little over a […]

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