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Final Thoughts

(Feel free to play this video as you read the blog) So in order to generate some inspiration and to make this a truly reflective blog, I went back to my original post at the beginning of the semester. Upon reading that blog, one thing stuck out to me in particular: I was very much […]

My Parents Should Have Let Me Play Guitar Hero…

Way back in 2007 or 2008, I got really into Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I don’t want to say I was one of the best you’ve ever seen but at the time, I could play Free Bird and Through the Fire and Flames on Expert above 90% so….. One day around this time, I […]

The Virtual Town Hall

During my senior year at BC, I had space in my schedule to take a few electives. Instead of just choosing Living Earth classes that were easy A’s, I decided I should use at least one of those slots to actually learn about something other than the rules of accounting. Besides, that’s what a liberal arts […]

The Changing Art of College Recruiting

With the rise of social media, almost every aspect of social interaction and human communication has been altered to a slight degree. The process of recruiting for college football is no different. Years ago, coaches would board a plane and fly all around the country to watch potential college recruits play. They would go to […]

The Death of Vine

Suh dude? Welcome to the blog. This past October, it was announced by Twitter that it would be shutting down Vine’s mobile app some time in the coming months. The plug was not officially pulled until January when the Vine app was replaced in app stores on both iOS and Android with a very much […]

@NFL: How NOT To Utilize Social Media

For a business as rich and as powerful as the National Football League, the NFL has been associated with countless PR disasters in recent years (and make no mistake, the NFL is, at the end of the day, a business). There has been the continuous crusade to force the NFL to acknowledge the long-lasting health […]

AOL Screen Name: NewYrkDog

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke these words and completed the first telephone call in history. For many, these words would become synonymous with a cultural revolution, making it easier than ever before to communicate with one another. Fast forward about 130 years, for […]