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Ofo- Stationless Bike Sharing

When I head back to China last summer, there are dockless bike everywhere. As the name suggests, they are bikes without docking stations which can be parked aside of streets. Dockless bikes can be located and unlocked with a smartphone app. The price is also very attractive, one can ride a bike with 0.5 yuan […] Make Joy Happen

A week ago, I presented to the class, one of the biggest E-commerce company in China. As promised, this follow-up blog post will give you an inside look into of the company based on my research and first-hand experience. E-commerce market First, I will give you a sense of how big the E-commerce market […]

First Blog Ever

Check one two… Believe it or not, this is my first blog post ever. Guess it might be a move out of my comfort zone, haha! Although I have read quite a few blog posts including posts for this class, sitting down and actually writing one takes me to another level. It is not like […]


This is a test for social media and digital business class!