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I Guess All of You Changed My Mind…

At the start of the semester (and probably still) I felt like one of the more negative students in the class towards social media, particularly in my personal life. Facebook made it big my freshman/sophomore year in college and quickly fizzled for me, personally. I stopped using Facebook and largely brushed off later iterations of […]

Uber the next $4 Billion Start-Up? Why?!?

Google sure seems to think so.  Back in August, Google Ventures, along with several other smaller players, invested $360MM into the mobile app / ride share company, giving it a staggering $3.5 Billion valuation.  For those of you not familiar with Uber, and their funny pink moustache, Uber was founded in 2009 in San Fransisco, […]

Ways Teachers use Social Media in the Classroom

As students of MI621, we have all witnessed the tools that @profkane has implemented and the positive environment it has created.  It has been a great experience, and I have enjoyed being introduced to a lot of new social media tools (including Twitter) and techniques.  Boston College is a world-class university so it only makes […]

Mourning Death via Social Media

I spent the weekend out of town with my fiancé’s parents.  We were to leave Friday and get back Sunday night.  If that wasn’t bad enough (totally kidding, in case they’re reading!) my future-mother-in-law’s coworker and close friend passed away after a long battle with cancer.  The memorial was scheduled the following day, Saturday, with […]

Smile! And thanks for the “Shared Endorsements”!

Google decides to take small one step further in fulfilling the “Big Brother” stereotype.   Beginning November 11th, Google will begin taking your reviews, opinions, and “followings” and sharing it with your extended social network.  Nothing new, right?  It is actually quite similar to Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories”, although Google will be taking it a little […]

Promoting Wellness within the Workplace

Over the past decade, health care costs have increased 4-8% per year.  While individuals enrolled in employer-based programs have seen their rates increase recently, employers have born the majority of these costs.  Health care spending in the U.S. exceeds $2.6 trillion annually.  The implications for “Obamacare” run even deeper and businesses need somewhere to turn.  […]

Initial Thoughts

My first true exposure to Social Media began (as it did with many) with the advent of Facebook in 2003-2004.  As a sophomore in college, Facebook adoption grew faster than (at the time) I thought could ever be possible.  Every single person on campus was talking about it.  Seemingly every day, I would get invites, […]