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iBorg, YouBorg, Our Kids will be Cyborgs

It has been a fantastic ride this semester with ISYS6621. As we look back on what we’ve learned, we are also necessarily looking forward at what is to come. Because after all is said and done, while we did learn a thing or two about marketing in the digital age, the takeaways that will really […]

3 Thoughts on Motion Sickness and Driverless Cars

Driverless cars: A welcome technology that will make society much more productive, safe, and happy, OR a dangerous flirtation with a technology we will never be ready for any time soon? For your author, the answer has been very clear: driverless cars cannot come soon enough and should replace traditional cars ASAP. But then, I […]

Drew’s next book: Be a reviewer! Yes, you! Genre: Digital-age sci-fi(?)

During the course of my research about publishing in the digital age, a couple of interesting things happened. As you could probably tell from the presentation, one of them was that my passion as an individual writer was suddenly reignited. More specifically, there is a story concept that I’ve had in mind since the summer […]

5 Ways to Answer: When is the Best Time to Email Someone?

Monday? Friday? Probably neither of those? As with so many correct answers in academia, the answer to our question here starts with, “Well, that depends…” During this blog post we will take a break from the relentless pursuit of what authors are facing in today’s digital publishing landscape (you’ve had enough of my usual shenanigans […]

The Blog/Social Continuum: Boosting Readership

What does a blogger need to keep in mind when attempting to maintain a successful and gainful career as a blogger? What does it take these days to gain visibility as a new author, in this age when the market is flooded with content and there are so many ways to deliver it? These are […]

3 Weir Tips to be a Bestselling Author #IS6621

Andy Weir. Author of The Martian, an out-of-nowhere instant classic that got adapted into a film almost sooner than it hit the shelves (ok, that’s exaggerating… but not by much – the book deal and movie deal were technically signed in the same week). If you’ve been tuning in, in my last post we asked, […]

Who Knows Publishing in 2017?

[Image from cover of novel by author Ben Bova, 1989 Tor Books] We’ve seen it coming since the eighties, but now that “cyberbooks” are upon us, not only in the form of ereaders but also online content through social media, what has changed for the publishing industry? For authors? Why are you lumping social media […]