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Off Into The Digital Future

It feels like just yesterday that I was stalking the newly created BC Class of 2017 Facebook group in summer before my freshman year – looking for a glimpse into the lives of people I’d be surrounded by for the next four years. For those of you in the Class of 2017- if you’re looking […]

ISIS & Exploitation of Social Media

Today, much of the fight to combat terrorism around the globe is waged online. Modern terrorist organizations have grown increasingly sophisticated in their use of digital tools to amass influence and further extremist agendas. Although use of the Internet to promote extremism has become ubiquitous amongst terrorist organizations, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria […]

Wearables and the Future of Health Care

I’m writing this blog as a follow up to my in-class discussion on how advances in wearable devices, computing power, and connected networks are ushering disruption across the health care continuum. There’s a growing variety of technologies and devices competing in wearable technology category – I’m specifically focusing on devices designed for biometric data collection. I’ll […]

Stepping Back to Supersonic Travel

From January 21, 1976 to October 24, 2003 you fly from NYC to London in 3.5 hours or less. Today, it takes around 8 hours to make that same trip. Seems backwards, doesn’t it? The 3.5-hour flight available from NYC to London for almost 27 years was made possible by the Concorde: The Concorde was […]

Impact of Drone Technology on the Here and Now

In recent years, drones and drone technology has made a big leap from niche roots in automated warfare and hobbyist clubs into a broad range consumer and commercial of applications. According to FAA estimates, 7 million consumer and commercial drones could be shipped in the U.S. by 2020, compared to just 2.5 million in 2016. […]

Digital Disruption in China

During the spring semester of 2016 I studied abroad in Shanghai, China. It was a wild experience. The extent I underestimated the difference between the world I knew and the world I was going into is laughable. I thought I’d be able to get around just fine not knowing any Mandarin. I thought the pollution […]

Social Media = Double Edged Sword

In 2008 I created a Facebook account and entered into the world of social media for the first time. Most of my friends had already made one, and like most other middle school kids, I figured I would be missing out if I didn’t make one too. At that time Facebook was all about how […]