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Embracing the Known

As I walked out of our first Digital Transformation class on September 1st, I was convinced that it would be my first and last course with Professor Kane. In my first blog post I openly admitted that I wasn’t confident in my social media skills and that my only active social media was LinkedIn. If […]

Unlocking the World with LiDAR

Background My class presentation last week focused on LiDAR technology. I chose this topic because I’ve heard about laser technology being used to make archeological discoveries and wanted to learn more. My research taught me that LiDAR is much more than a way to look through the trees to find ancient ruins, but is a […]

Race to Reach the Unconnected

This past week, Amazon and Verizon announced a partnership to offer satellite internet in rural areas. Amazon is working to expand rural broadband coverage with satellites, and Verizon will help improve the fixed wireless internet access in these places that may not have had internet available. Amazon is slated to have half its satellites in […]

Do you have a Zillow Addiction?

United States Housing Market The United States is in one of the most robust housing markets in recent memory. Home prices across the country reached record-highs in five of the first six months of 2021. Throughout 2021, the housing market has seen stratospheric prices, brutal bidding wars, and record low inventory. You would think this […]

Battle of Business Chat Communication Tools

The fight to be recognized as the best-in-class business chat tool is raging. Businesses are determining whether they are best served by using Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, or one of the many other offerings. As of now, there has been no clear winner, but there are industry leaders. My peers in class have reported […]


Absolutely. This must be what it feels like to be thrown in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. To emphasize how out of my element I am, in the past hour I have: Took 15 minutes to upload a GIF to WordPress (I won’t know if this actually worked until […]