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Final Reflections IS6621

When I started this class, I had a pretty narrow understanding of the importance of social media.  As a casual social media user myself (admitted instagram addict, but it stops there), I realized the growing popularity of social media in society as a means of social interaction, sharing, and collaboration, but didn’t ever feel the […]

NBA Cares: Social Media and Social Responsibility Initiaitves

NBA Cares is the National Basketball Association’s global community outreach initiative that works to promote causes including education, youth development, health and wellness, social responsibility, and more. NBA Cares launched in 2005 and for the last 10 years has worked to become a dominant and respectable leader in social responsibility through not only philanthropy and […]

Student-athletes and social media

Last week, star Ohio State quarterback, Braxton Miller, posted the following photo on his Instagram page (@braxtonmiller92): The photo quickly caused a stir, and Miller later took the photo down. Miller, a senior on the team, has an impressive 216,000 followers on instagram. So what is the issue? Well, it is against NCAA rules for […]

“Love Has No Labels” — How videos go viral.

A few weeks ago the Ad Council released a video, Diversity and Inclusion – Love Has No Labels. The heartwarming video features different pairs of people behind an x-ray machine, often hugging and embracing, and then coming out from behind the x-ray to reveal couples, families, and friends of different sexualities, genders, races, ages, etc, […]

The Power of a #HASHTAG

On February 18th at 10:30pm, prompted by the social media campaign #Dimthelights4Tark, the Las Vegas Strip shut down its lights from 10:30 to 10:33pm, something that rarely ever occurs in the brightly lit and bustling city. It was a tribute to the former University of Las Vegas men’s basketball coach, Jerry Tarkanian, who passed away […]

#SB49 – The power of social media during global events

I am sure almost everyone watched the Super Bowl and saw the Nationwide “Make Safe Happen” commercial, or at least has heard about it at this point.  Now that we are all on twitter, it most likely came across your newsfeed (and assuming we are like most of the general public, most of us followed […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media: Lessons from Beyonce

Social media has connected the world in a way never before thought possible. The internet lead to the explosion of information sharing, and now social media has not only intensified this, but increased the dialogue around the information and thus the connections of its users. This connectedness is moving information at a speed never before […]