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My Final Thoughts

As this class comes to an end I will try to think back and reflect on my perception as well as experience with social media throughout the semester. I started off with a very straightforward view on social media. I loved Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I thought they were great platforms for connecting and sharing […]

The Influence of Memes in Politics

As a lover of satire, I have always found memes and online jokes as a great source of entertainment. Although I never consciously think about the importance of some of the satire, it is quite obvious that some of it is directed at not simply creating humor but also to bring awareness to the problems […]

Chevrolet Football Club, “The Power of Play

Chevrolet FC is changing the world, one football at a time. Millions of kids have been impacted through this campaign in over 90 countries.


As loneliness is quickly becoming a huge public health concern I would like to address the effect that social media can have on people. There seems to be two different types of uses of social media. The healthy one, where we use it to connect with those around us, and the not so healthy one […]

Taking care of Coco

So I recently bought a 2 month old hedgehog. Her name is Coconut but everyone just calls her Coco. She is the cutest little ball of fur and quills out there and everyone of my friends fights me over when they get to play with her. The problem with Coco, other than being a huge […]

Generation Next and the future of Golf

When it comes to sports and athletes, skill and success in the sport tend to have a strong correlation with popularity on social media. Tiger Woods for example is among the most popular athletes in the world with over 8 million followers. His success and popularity have made him among the most influential people out […]

Is #Martial worth $55 Million? Social Media to blame?

What role does social media play in the huge soccer transfer fees we see today? Was a 55 million price tag for Anthony Martial justified? #Martial #ManchesterUnited