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6 Things #IS6621 Has Taught Me

  At the beginning of the semester, I began my blog with 6 things social media has taught me, or at least my initial conceptions of social media. However through the course of the semester I’ve realized how social media plays an even larger role in our every day interactions. It’s difficult to lay out […]

Is Cyber Monday Still a Thing?

Amidst the season of giving thanks and being grateful for all things in our #blessed lives, Americans extend their appreciation by participating in the chaos that is Black Friday. However if waking up at the crack of dawn for 40% off a plasma screen TV at Wal-Mart isn’t your thing then no worries because people […]

Taco Bell Pushing the Digital Experience

Being both a Southern California native and honorary Mexican-American, my infatuation for Mexican food goes beyond its authentic cuisine. However food preferences aside, my craze for Taco Bell is characterized by more than just a fast food pick me up. Regardless of your like/dislike for the Irvine, California based company, people can agree on one […]

Miley Twerking, Kanye Running for President, and all the In-Between

On an average basis, I find myself scrolling through BuzzFeed’s home page approximately 5 times a day. Typically I look for funny articles to post on friends Facebook pages or quizzes that tell me “which carb is your soul mate” or “do actually prefer chocolate of cheese”. However Monday afternoon when I stumbled on BuzzFeed […]

The Digital Gender Divide

Recently as I have been scrolling through various social media platforms, I find myself running into a series of compilations of male posts that reflect that of female tendencies on social media. Social media users are generating the question, “What if guys acted like girls on Instagram?” Aside from the hilarity of these images that […]

College Athletes Banned from Social Media #freedomofspeech ?

It’s senior year of high school, and with the academic year just beginning no one could be more excited for everyone’s favorite season, Friday night football. Amidst the several traditions of my high school alma mater, was the series of football/cheerleading pranking feuds to initiate the season. Not to bore you with too much detail, […]

6 Things Social Media has Taught Me

How social is social media? Does not all media imply some social component that connects individuals on polar ends of the World Wide Web? Some people may argue that not all media is social, only outlets that offer direct connectivity between individuals may be deemed social. A key aspect of social media is that in […]