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Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye

Wow. This semester was a weird one. Underloading with 4 once-a-week classes, 3 of them starting at 6 pm or later really shakes up your day to day life. Hello free time. My friends often get annoyed when I complain about having almost too much free time, which makes me antsy and scatter brained not […]

Spoiler Alert!

While this post may not contain any intended spoilers, all of your social media definitely will. In an age where everyone wants to be included and at the forefront of information sharing, it makes it difficult to fall even moments behind on any trending topic. With Game of Thrones finally back in action, memes and […]

Insta Happy

Think about your “happy place”. What comes to mind? Lying in a beach chair, toes in the sand, a gentle ocean breeze cooling off a hot summer day while you sip the frozen drink of your choice? Riding a chair lift slowly to the top of a mountain, glancing down at all the fresh powder […]


As a self-admitted YouTube junkie I could spend hours (majority of my day) getting sucked into the video rabbit hole, channel surfing until I realize I’m watching a video of someone doing their laundry or getting their hair done. In all honesty, I have YouTube running in another tab while writing this. To me this […]

Don’t Blame Me?

While doing my new found favorite activity – stalking our class twitter feed I came across an article that peaked my interest discussing how Spotify is addressing artists social image and personal behavior. As a loyal team Spotify user over Apple Music, I like to stay up to date on what Spotify is adding, or […]


*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* You’re probably wondering how I got here. Well, let me explain…. While picking my classes for my last semester at Boston College I knew that I needed both a Marketing elective and an Info Systems elective. I scrolled endlessly through the ‘Course Information and Schedule’ tab on agora until I came […]