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For Prof Kane, For Prof Kane: Final Thoughts and Reflection

When I had first heard of Prof’s Kane Social Media for Manager’s class, I knew I had to take it before graduating this spring. When I was dealt a less than ideal pick time in January, I came to Fulton to ask for an override. I could not be more pleased that I determinedly made […]

The Boston Marathon and Social Media Keeps Us #BostonStrong

Every year, people flock to Boylston Street to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners. The racecourse is marked with blue and yellow flags indicating how many more miles until the finish line, and fans line the 26.2-mile course eager to cheer on the athletes racing. The Boston Marathon is an event that is very near […]

A Slam-Dunk For Coke Zero

Mid-March hits and the madness begins. This is one of the best times of the year for college basketball and avid sports fans. Anything is possible. A number one seed can fall to an underdog, and often an unlikely contender can rise to the top of the ranks. The thrill of victory and agony of […]


Let’s face it… There are two extremes to interactions on social media: the good, and the bad. Some interactions foster close connections and allow people to immerse themselves in enriching conversations. Other social media interactions, however, can end up in heated, and frequently unfriendly, debate. When controversy arises on social media, it can often get […]

Why Do Businesses Hold Social Media Contests?

Let’s face it… Most businesses and companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon at this point. If you have social media accounts for your customers and advocates, they have instantaneous access to your content and a constant reminder every time your brand appears on your newsfeed. Not only do the contestants have a constant […]

Developing Brand YOU

Who do you think you are? Take a minute, and think about the person you believe yourself to be. Then, take another minute and think about the person who is portrayed in your social media accounts. Do these two identities you’ve conjured in your head match up? Social media has become one of the fastest […]

My Evolution of Social Media

2005: It’s embarrassing to admit, but my first identity on the internet was known as gymgirl1404. That’s right, back in the days of instant messaging on AIM. This was early middle school. It was considered cool to have an account, and to monitor it as often as possible. Changing my away message from “brb” to […]