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Someone already took my title

To the prior classes that shared predictions and Seinfeld references in their final blog posts of the semester, thank you. I wish I had thought of this as my blog post title, “I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m loving every minute of it!” Seinfeld and snack time—two of my favorites. Anyway, if you want to […]

8 ways the world used social media in 2015

So begins the season of recaps, highlights, best-of(s), and articles to cover everything in 2015. We covered a lot in just a quarter of 2015! So much else happened before we were introduced to the #IS6621 hashtag and much of it I will cover. I also invite comments on the stories that resonated with you […]

My 180 on Moments

@bismansethi123 @meagan_roecker How many people thought that at first glance #Moments was a @HarryPotterFilm page #IS6621? — Eric Kaye (@ericinclass) October 7, 2015 If I remember correctly, during class discussion, I said something to the extent of… “For Moments to catch on as a valuable feature for users, it would have to be the first […]

Three events before we had social media to cover every moment

If we had social media when… Think back to any Presidential Election, nor’easter, Patriots game, Halloween, or birthday party that occurred in your life prior to 2005. How would have social media shaped that event if Facebook were around then? I understand it is not a throwback Thursday, but, this Monday night, I want to […]

Twitter for news. Facebook for birthdays. Instagram for puppies and my travel bucket list.

You may be surprised to hear that my consumption of news comes directly from many of your smiling faces when I login to Twitter and search #IS6621. Don’t be frightened. That’s the way I would like it to be—all the news, most relevant to me, in one place. But how to curate this content? When, […]

Initial Thoughts, Tempered Expectations, Greetings and Salutations

I’ll begin with a disclaimer: I once was really into using social media. When everything was new and there was some coolness-factor, albeit minimal, in being a “First Adopter,” I learned all I could about each new social network, all the features of Facebook, and any app that I could install on my android phone. […]