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Our highlight reel (lots of gifs!)

The time is here, folks. Looking back on this class, we looked at highs of social media, lows, the future, the past, and everything in between, and also current events and happenings. As a senior, I couldn’t imagine ending my 4 years here with any other class, since this has given me a great outlook for […]

Who do your apps think you are?

In these days of social media, our apps and social networking sites are getting better and better at understanding who you are and what you want. Aka, what they can sell you. So many of these have built an identity for you. Let’s figure out how they built it and how they use it. Facebook Facebook […]

Wanderlust from the screen to reality

When applying to colleges back in 2012, I knew that study abroad was a big factor for me – it was a must do during college. And I knew then that Australia was my favored destination, so I made sure the programs I liked didn’t limit my options. Back then, Australia seemed far and ~scary~ to study […]

The art of the finsta

Beautiful brunches + highly edited birthday posts + rooftop bar photos + throwback baby pics + travel landscape views = a perfect Instagram … As much as our Instagram is supposed to reflect and share our lives with others, for many people it ends up being a curated, edited, and unrealistic screenshot of their lives. Users don’t photograph the […]

Why does a country have an Instagram?

When studying abroad in Australia, many of the destinations I decided to research and visit were places that a travel blogger, aGoPro photographer, or even a country had posted on Instagram. That’s so weird to say, but it’s true – Australia itself was posting pictures of baby koalas, beautiful beaches and luxurious foods I needed to see and […]

Superbowl ads: clever controversy

Today, Superbowl traditions will not involve guessing what company will have the biggest commercial of the year. The biggest scandal we see will not be a wardrobe malfunction. A funny or awkward moment won’t be missed if you weren’t watching your TV at that moment. Today, ads are being released before the Superbowl with extensive social media […]

Social Media: Staying in touch with everyone you’ve ever met?

A recent conversation with my Dad and Grandpa left me with a new realization about how social media has completely changed how people grow up, and stay in touch. We were talking about my cousin’s wedding, and the two of them were kind of complaining about how long her guest list was, saying it was unnecessary to invite […]