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The Skeptic Versus The Lover

Here goes my final thoughts. Two cents from the skeptic in me: I start reading an article. A paragraph later, I start a response to a text I just got. I get a few words down. Then I go back to the article. I skim through a few sentences, and then decide to check Twitter. […]

You Got The Money And I Got The Time: Crowdfunding Travels

I recently signed up for this website: Trevolta, and I’m still waiting in the queue to get access to my account. You’re probably wondering what Trevolta is and if it’s related to John Travolta. “Tell me more! Tell me more!” Trevolta is a global crowdfunding travel website. Travelers who sign up create expeditions and submit […]

Evolution of Comedy

What does Legolas feed his horse? Elf-elf-a! *Cue boisterous laughter Comedy used to be people sitting in a venue (say a bar-lounge) and watching a live performance from a stand-up comic like Louis C.K. or from an improv group. People would lounge around at home and watch a funny show like Saturday Night Live or a hilarious […]

The Price Is Rhett

This summer, as I was walking down Boylston Street with a couple of friends, I passed by a group of street musicians: a violinist, a guitarist, a drummer, and a pianist. They played music from every genre from Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky…and they were amazing. Very impressed, my friends and […]

How Facebook Saved My Credit Score

Hi, you’ve just been diagnosed with Lost Wallet. You may experience some or all of the following symptoms: anxiety, frustration, crying, and in more extreme cases, identity theft and emptied bank accounts. If you are affected by any of the last two symptoms, please notify the proper authorities.   We carry so many things in […]

Finding Love: Online Dating

For those who have access to the internet, gone are the days of marrying the boy/girl next door (unless you want to of course)! Seek and ye shall find…love through social media? The modern-day single, with a clickity-clack at the keyboard and the push of a button, can woo through online messages and emoticons… “Dear […]

Social Media, Human Capital, & Flashmobs. Oh my!

Oh, social media: the great and powerful! Its evolution has changed business, fame, love, politics. It has connected individuals from all over the world, and it has made for easy access to human capital, the most amazing resource any person possesses. For me, social media has revolved, for a large part, around music. When I […]