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From Zoom-In to Zoom-Out

Thank you Professor Kane for a most excellent adventure this semester! This content-rich current-event driven course certainly kept us on our toes, which is why for all the incoming SM&DBers I have this to say: #IS6621 is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! This final post outlines the five […]

Why the Spotify Premium Director left for a meditation app

Spotify Premium Director Robert Lamvik recently left the digital music giant to join the executive team of guided meditation platform Headspace. For those of you not familiar with Headspace, I highly recommend giving it a try by downloading the app to access 10 free mediations — no strings attached. To get a better sense for the […]

Connectivity in Cuba

Thanks to everyone for the presentation feedback! This post aims to address those lingering questions highlighted by various students regarding social media and digital business in Cuba. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to use this post to discuss the features of el Paquete Semanal distribution as well as the technological implications of Cuba-US relations. El […]

Quiz Results Revealed!

The IS6621 quiz results are in! And it’s safe to say, no one in IS6621 is smarter than Professor Kane (including myself considering I designed a quiz that only two people passed) … Whoops! Results Summary: 22 Participants Average Score: 36.5% … Ouch Highest Score: 11/15 = 73% IP Address: → @geraldckane is this you? Hardest Questions: #3 & […]

Are you smarter than ProfKane?

Do you think you’re seasoned enough to teach #IS6621? With over half of the semester in the rearview mirror… …it’s time to test your knowledge! The following quiz is designed to put your brain to the test as it relates to class content and the social-media-digital-business landscape, so that ideally neither Grad students (with their […]

Can your 5-Star driver become your 5-Star friend?

Did you ever think to invite your Uber driver to your post-game? It happens more than you think. Whether continuing a conversation with your Uber driver inside your own home (as was the recent case with some mod residents), toasting a jägerbomb to your Drizly deliverer, or forging a new friendship with the person whose dog […]

Four Reasons to Embrace the Hacker Way

Reaching new heights: how Facebook drives results for businesses You know Facebook as the platform that is creating a more open and interconnected world by providing people the power to consume, produce, and share media on a mass scale. But what about the side of Facebook that has transformed the way businesses connect with customers? […]

Curating for the Digital Age

Around the world, museums have begun to harness social media to increase engagement and create new interactive experiences for visitors. The increasing importance of digital strategy represents a shift in the ways museums serve as trusted cultural networks, disseminate knowledge to the public, and perceive their role as stewards of educational content. This movement towards […]

Off on a wild goose chase

My initial vantage point embodies the great paradox of growing up in the digital world: a simultaneous social media skeptic and social media agent. Elle Luna wrote a beautiful essay titled the “Crossroads of Should and Must” in which she discusses how we are regularly confronted with the choice between doing what we think we […]