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Final Thoughts: What Is Social Media, Anyway?

I’ll be honest. I initially registered for this class naively believing that it would be easy. After all, I’m from the digital generation. I post, tweet, pin, filter, vine, and snap effortlessly. Social Media? I’m good at that. Unfortunately, I failed to read, or accept, the fact that the course title ended with “For Managers.” I […]

Ignite The Heights

This past Saturday evening started off like most do for the typical BC student: get ready to go out, go to the bar, and make it home in time before 2 a.m. to get Late Night. The typical weekend events became not so typical at the same time that many triumphant students stood outside Lower […]

Dirty Little Secrets…Exposed

This past week, the inevitable finally happened. My roommates and I experienced our first bout of drama, as one would except when living with five other college girls. But the unexpected was the source of this drama—an online post. Further proving just how much social media has infiltrated all of our lives. To set the […]

Why You Won’t Remember FarmVille But You Will Remember Facebook

A few days ago, in an effort to de-clutter my iPhone (or life), I sought out to delete applications that I no longer use. I deleted Vine. Then I deleted—gasp—Pinterest. Blasphemous! A year ago, if you were to tell me that I would no longer log onto Pinterest less than five times a day, I […]

#Hashtags For Dummies

It is a deep-rooted notion that parents have a hard time understanding and relating to their kids. This generation gap is only exacerbated by technology and the relatively new phenomenon of social media. While my mother and father are undoubtedly the smartest people I know, their difficulty to grasp the concept of social media has […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Health & Fitness on Social Media

It seems as though the majority of Americans have a smartphone these days, and based on statistics, the majority of Americans also have trouble with their health. Well, as the saying goes: There’s An App For That. With more than 13,000 different applications categorized as health or fitness in the Apple Appstore, results are just […]

Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It all started with a username. I unknowingly entered the vast realm of social media with an alias of “PuppyLoverx40.” I’m pretty sure I had two loves in middle school: dogs (as my username suggests) and AOL Instant Messenger. AIM became an obsession. Every afternoon after school, I would race home to sign onto AIM […]