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It Should Be Called “Ethics of Digital Business”

The name of this class should be changed from Social Media and Digital Business to Digital Business and Ethics. The Carroll School of Management puts an emphasis on business ethics first semester of freshman year with Portico. Following with mandatory philosophy and theology classes, there is an emphasis throughout the Jesuit education on ethics. This […]

Take a Second to Read about One Second of Your Day

As our college experience comes to an end, to say the senior class is getting emotional is an understatement. For over 15 years we have been coddled by the school system. School has taught us everything we need to know: how to share, how to tie our shoes, when to go to class, how to […]

Not so E-Z Pass

Background Back in 1959, Nobel Economics Prize winner, William Vickrey, proposed the first Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). He envisioned transponders in every car that could automatically pay to a central system for the government. “The transponder’s personalised signal would be picked up when the car passed through an intersection, and then relayed to a central […]

Shark Tank Ooh Haha

Technology has solved many of todays problems. From preventing deforestation and helping patients with mental disabilities to being able post every meal we eat and thought we have, technology has revolutionized our lives. There are problems that technology created like Cyberwarfare and problems that we do not even know technology has solved yet. Here is a […]

Watch Dog

Why do humans love their dogs so much? According to animal behaviorist at Azabu University in Japan, humans emit the same feel-good hormone, Oxytocin, when they look at their dog, as when new parents look at their newborn. Am I really saying that dogs are the equivalent of a new born baby? Hormonally speaking, yes. Not only […]

I Love It When You Call Me Big Data

  First, let’s start with what Big Data actually is: By definition, Big Data, is extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. What does this actually mean? Everything you do from ordering Steve Madden shoes on Amazon to searching terms […]

The Facade of Happiness on Social Media

Sitting through the first Kane Social Media class my thought process went something like this: (1) Professor Kane is animated, cool! (2) How do I manage all of this on canvas? (3) Where are we on canvas now? (4) This is a lot of information (5) Professor Kane is crazy! (6) That girl looks like […]