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Internet of Things is here to stay and will change our lives forever

According to Forbes, Internet of things (IoT) is “Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.  This also […]

How will Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality change the Retail Environment

Augmented Reality (AR), according to the dictionary is “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.”, while virtual reality (VR) is “a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by […]

The Advent of Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

For those who don’t know what Bitcoin is, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a virtual currency not managed by a central bank or central authority. It was established by a mysterious guy, if that is even his name, Satoshi Nakamoto. What has garnished the attention of the technological community out there, has been how transparent […]

The Business of Social Media: Initials Thoughts

Social media is all around us. When we look around (even in class) you can see numerous people using any of the social media platforms, be it twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, among others. With so many users, practically everyone with a phone in their pockets, companies have understood the importance of targeting and engaging in […]

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