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Please Beware of Native Advertising!

For class this past Thursday, some of us were assigned a brief TED Talk entitled “The Moral Bias Behind Your Search Results.” It talked about how most people think of Google as a source for unbiased, unabridged, accurate, factual information. If you have a question, go to Google if you want the correct answer, right? […]

Final Thoughts About Social Media and Digital Business

As we near the end of the semester and get ready for finals, writing this blog is such a stress-relieving activity, as it has been all semester. Giving my own opinions and insights and writing both objectively and subjectively for an audience of so many intelligent peers has been a great outlet this whole semester. […]

Why Crowdsourced Contests Rock!

What is a crowdsourced contest? Companies reach out to the general public to come up with a solution to one of their problems, come up with a new product, or otherwise help them in some way in exchange for a reward. For example, Lays’ Do Us a Flavor contest asks participants to submit new and creative chip flavors […]

The Apple Experience: Greater Than The Sum of its Parts

Most experts agree that the iPhone is not the most technically superior smartphone in the market. In fact, several different phones are far superior to the iPhone in categories like screen resolution, battery life, and processing speeds. The Samsung Galaxy line of phones seem to be better across the board in terms of technical capabilities, and […]

Every Industry Needs Crowdsourcing!

We are starting to see many startups emerge with a crowdsourcing model. Think about the graphic below: These companies grew rapidly in their respective domains. They didn’t need much infrastructure to get going, because the key ingredient that they all needed to become global powerhouses was in place all along. What is that key ingredient? PEOPLE! People that […]

iPhone Users: Start Using “Find My Friends”!

Apple includes several native iOS apps on its devices, which users don’t really have a choice but to have on their phones. For better or worse, apps like “Compass”, “Game Center”, “Voice Memos”, “Podcasts”, and the Apple Watch app are installed on every updated iOS device and cannot be uninstalled. Apple also has several apps on […]

Technology Transforming NBA Free Agency

2009: Championship 2010: Championship 2011: Lost to eventual champion Dallas Mavericks Ever Since: Struck out on nearly every big free agent, unable to rise back to their dominant winning ways. In fact, the current playoff drought is the longest it has ever been for the Lakers. This is an organization that has never had a problem landing free […]

So Where is it Headed? Initial Expectations of Social Media

“The only thing that is constant is change.” If you heed this timeless advice, you and your organization may be able to better position itself in the evolving environment around you. If you fail to do so, you will face the wrath of the changes that Father Time always bring forth. Apple is positioning itself […]

Faizan Javed’s Test Post

Here’s to hoping Kobe Bryant comes back healthy for his last season, and for a great semester in Social Media and Digital Business! #IS6621