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Why do I even need to say hi?

A discussion came about at the end of our last class that I found very interesting. It was on the idea that less and less young people are physically interacting due to the use of social media. There were a couple points that were brought up that I found fascinating. This is my take on […]

My change in opinion on social media

When this class first began my opinion of social media looked something like this: (Actually a funny article, heres the link: I was terrified of Facebook. I know I am probably not the only one in the class that felt that way either. As a college student who is looking for a job and constantly […]

Social Media for Heisman? #Andre44Heisman

The Heisman Trophy. The most prestigious award in all of college football. It is presented to the most outstanding college football player, and is a center piece of any college program that is lucky enough to have received one. Fortunately, Boston College has won in the past. As many of you may know, Doug Flutie […]

Follow up to #BeADude presentation

Last Tuesday I did my class presentation on the new Boston College football slogan, #BeADude. While most of the information that I wanted to share made the 5 minute pitch, there were a couple things that I wasn’t able to get to that I felt are important/ interesting.  They both came up in the questions […]

Twitter: Letting Fantasy Football Managers Scold Their Players

As I am writing this blog in front of my television watching the NFL, I couldn’t help but scream when Tom Brady missed a wide open throw in the end-zone. I wasn’t upset because I’m a die hard Pats fan, but because Tom is on my fantasy football team and I’m currently losing by 5 […]

Vine: The next frontier for video advertisement

This morning as I was surfing the web I found myself facing the inevitable; I needed to watch an advertisement in order to move onto the next page. It took me approximately .2 seconds to realize I was not able to skip this ad, and an additional .5 seconds for my finger to strike the […]

Test Post

This is my test post