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A Look At The Other Side Of The Coin

As this semester comes to a close, I look back on my ‘Initial Thought’ post and find that I still struggle with putting words to paper. Coming into this class, I knew the blogs were going to be a challenge for me given I prefer numbers to words. While this still holds true, I managed […]

Tasty’s Explosion on Facebook

Like many of you, often, I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed when I’m bored or looking for a way to waste time. Over the years, I’ve seen an increasing number of recipe videos popping up in my feed. The short, easy videos that make you crave sweets and comfort food started with Tasty, a production […]

Social Media’s Impact on Girls

Today, social media makes obsessing over edited photos much easier due to the array of applications available. Social media editing tools claim to erase blemishes, whiten teeth, and even make you look 10 pounds lighter. Individuals are going to extreme lengths to obtain the perfect Instagram post. However, often times, these photos are not true […]

LiketoKnow.It Integrations and Partnerships

Last week, I discussed how LiketoKnow.It (LTK) is changing the fashion blogging game. However, I only had enough time to cover the main points. I’d like to use this blog to dive deeper into the topic and let you know what new developments are happening with LiketoKnow.It. Just in case you missed the presentation, here […]

From Road Tripping to Clicking

Road Trip for Clothes I grew up in a small town in Northern Wisconsin where my options were very limited when it came time for school shopping. Walmart, Maurices and Glik’s were the only available options. My town also had extremely slow Internet, considering we lived in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, every September, my […]

Human Emotions Constrained by Design

Likeability of Facebook Posts While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I reflect on the images that I chose to post – many depicting my family, friends and travel adventures. Why had I chosen these exact photos? Why had I not posted numerous of my other photos?   I determined, like most social media users, that I […]

Intitial Thoughts

Facing the Facts I have to admit, I was rather reluctant to register for this course. As a quantitative individual (I majored in Economics and Statistics), I’d much rather solve a calculus problem over writing a blog or tweeting. However, over the summer, I interned at Ocean Spray, a large CPG company, as an Assistant […]