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Final Reflection on ISYS6621

What a journey. I feel like through the semester I have learnt a lot about the inner works of social media than I can digest! This class has been extremely enjoyable, learning about something that has fundamentally changed our world in the way we interact and communicate. Before the class began, I had a lot […]

It’s all about the LINE!

I still remember having a discussion with a friend of mine (who is from America) when Facebook decides to buy Whatsapp for $19 billion and he was confused as to why did Facebook do this. It is understandable why people, especially in America, may fail to see the value of these messaging apps. The tremendous […]

Bots, Bots, Bots.

When I was in fifth grade growing up in South Australia, my friend introduced me to MSN messenger. (Equivalent to AOL messenger in the US, but long live MSN!). It was the first time I encountered social media. In my faint memory I remember there was a chat room full of random MSN-ers and one […]

Changing the mindset of teenagers navigating the world – Dan Bilzarian and his toys.

If you have an Instagram account and you’re a male within the age of 15-28 you will most likely have come across Dan Bilzarian’s infamous Instagram account. So who exactly is Dan Bilzarian? Son of a convicted corporate takeover specialist, He is a professional poker player that has gained tremendous fame through his Instagram account. […]

Lord Bendtner and #HeskeyTime – Passive role of Social Media in Football

After reading Jackson Rettig’s blog post last week of how stranger became successful and launching careers from the benefits of social media, it made me want to blog this week about some recent trends I have been seeing in my favorite thing in the world, football. (To all the Americans out there, NOT your sport played […]

Social Media and Its Illusion of Privacy

I think ever since I made my first Facebook post some 8 years ago, the biggest concern I’ve had (and still have) is privacy. The fear of having whatever you post on Twitter, Facebook and many other social media medium, being permanent marked on the history/database of the social media or world wide web has […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Oh Social Media, something that many of us can’t live without now. It has become such an integral part of our lives that I don’t even remember the times when we didn’t have it. Most people, myself included, probably first heard the term “Social Media” when Facebook, the app that allows you to connect and […]