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BC Snapchat Stories Update (and a request)

Hi Everyone, As promised, I got to the bottom of the BC Snapchat stories from my student who runs the BC Snapchat account. Basically here’s the gist of it: We have our own Snapchat (WeAreBC) account that we use to do contests, and other fun promotions of things on campus. It was engaging and people […]

Test post

Example test post. Welcome to the semester!

#MI621 X Z Announcements for Dec 3

1) Next week’s classes will start at 5:30 and 7:00, respectively.  Each will be a half-class where we reflect on the semester and what we’ve learned (inspired by your blog posts).   2) A reception will follow at 8:30 at BlueStone Bistro (1799 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135).  Prof Kane will provide the food, you […]

#mi621 Hootsuite Certification Instructions

If you have completed your Hootsuite certification, your name should appear on this page. If your name does not appear here, please just email the TA a link to your Hootsuite Certified Professional page

Final #mi621 Deliverable Counts

As promised, here’s what I have as the numbers you need now and by the end of the semester. If any student is off the below numbers by a week, you can complete those requirements by Thanksgiving with no penalty. *** DISCLAIMER: This is a draft.  Let’s give 24 hours (Thursday AM), for corrections in […]

#mi621 Announcements for 11/19

We will discuss revised blog schedule, which consists of 1) NO blog post for week A students this week. 2) ALL students must have their FINAL reflections blog post written by class on 12/3 (by midnight 12/2).  Please tag it with your day, but I really don’t care when it comes in (you might do […]

Announcements for #mi621 11/5

Topics for Twitter discussion: Marathon bombing Halloween costume, Intimacy in SM, Teachers using SM in classroom, 140 Twitter Moments, Instagram ads, Whisper platform, Cartels and SM 2) See note from Prof Fichman about guest speaker.     I am having Liz Breeze from Crimson Hexagon visit my class on Wednesday.  Please invite your students to […]

#mi621 Announcements for 10/15

1) Note the “start, stop, continue” questions in this week’s survey.  Please fill them out, and I will report back next week. 2) I will begin working on mid-term assessments tomorrow, and will have the results to you ASAP.

#mi621 X Z Announcements for 10/8

1) Guest speaker from Communispace (Jen Reddy, who is FABULOUS) is next week.  Here’s the plan we’ve come up with (let me know if issues).  Essentially, we will start the 4:30 class 30 minutes late, end the 7:00 class 45 minutes early, and have about 1.5 hours of overlap for those who can attend all […]

#mi621 Announcements for 10/1

1) Starting next week, we won’t break out for small groups for blog readings. 2) If you’re counting.  You should be at 2 blog posts, 9 blog comments, 12 tweets, and 2 surveys.  At this point, I’ll allow some catching up, but you will be penalized for a big push at the end. 3) How […]

Some thoughts about #mi621 Z X individual presentations

Here are some thoughts about presentations going forward, from my own observations and from what I’ve seen in your peer comments.  Based on what I read in the peer-evaluations, the class has a good idea of what makes a good presentation. 1)   An agenda is not needed in a 5-minute presentation.  It takes up valuable […]

#mi621 Z X announcements for 9/24

1) Added feedback for articles to survey 2) Discussing Hootsuite in class today 3) Name tents IMPORTANT!!!  Please bring to small groups. 4) Please tag day in blog post.  Please read 3 posts from DIFFERENT DAYS each week. 5) Stick to class for reading/ commenting on blogs (for now). 6) Guest speaker schedule (7:00 class).

Please add your blog day as a tag to your #mi621 Z X blog post

For instance, if you blog on Tuesday you’d add both “430” and “Tuesday” as tags.  You may also filter by blog day on the left margin now.  As you read, please balance reading blogs from various days.

#MI621 Announcements for 9/17

1) Go over surveys in class. 2) Reminder, update your WordPress/ Twitter profile. 3) This week, we get to “normal.”  You should be getting up to speed and settled. 4) Note new #mi621 C Tag 5) Describe 6) Review blog assignments.