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BC Snapchat Stories Update (and a request)

Hi Everyone, As promised, I got to the bottom of the BC Snapchat stories from my student who runs the BC Snapchat account. Basically here’s the gist of it: We have our own Snapchat (WeAreBC) account that we use to do contests, and other fun promotions of things on campus. It was engaging and people […]

Test post

Example test post. Welcome to the semester!

#MI621 X Z Announcements for Dec 3

1) Next week’s classes will start at 5:30 and 7:00, respectively.  Each will be a half-class where we reflect on the semester and what we’ve learned (inspired by your blog posts).   2) A reception will follow at 8:30 at BlueStone Bistro (1799 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135).  Prof Kane will provide the food, you […]

#mi621 Hootsuite Certification Instructions

If you have completed your Hootsuite certification, your name should appear on this page. If your name does not appear here, please just email the TA a link to your Hootsuite Certified Professional page

Final #mi621 Deliverable Counts

As promised, here’s what I have as the numbers you need now and by the end of the semester. If any student is off the below numbers by a week, you can complete those requirements by Thanksgiving with no penalty. *** DISCLAIMER: This is a draft.  Let’s give 24 hours (Thursday AM), for corrections in […]

#mi621 Announcements for 11/19

We will discuss revised blog schedule, which consists of 1) NO blog post for week A students this week. 2) ALL students must have their FINAL reflections blog post written by class on 12/3 (by midnight 12/2).  Please tag it with your day, but I really don’t care when it comes in (you might do […]