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Social Media: The Broader the Better

In my first post for MI621 I wrote about how I went from being a skeptic of Twitter, to someone who embraced Twitter and who had an open mind to all forms of social media. What I didn’t realize, was how many social media outlets are actually out there. In my mind, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, […]

The History of the Selfie: And it All Began 1839…

And the 2013 award for Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is…. Selfie. Now folks, for all of you that are worried that the English language is going down the toilet, let’s keep in mind that “selfie” is part of the Oxford Dictionary Online, and not the Oxford English Dictionary, and the two are very […]

Social Media Began…. 2,000 Years Ago?

If you had asked me before MI621 when I thought the beginning of social media was I probably would have guessed that it started with MySpace or Xanga. Then in our first class we learned that the reply all button on email was when social media first took place on the internet. But what if […]

Grass Mud Horse Style

In my last blog post I mentioned viral videos, parodies, and Gangnam Style. And while there are many parodies of Psy’s video (which currently has 1.8 billion views in case any of you are wondering), here is a parody that I am guessing many of you have not seen… That’s right — my man Ai […]

What Does the Fox Say? I’M VIRAL-OOO-OOO-OOO!

After reading @EmAkin3 ‘s post on the viral “I Quit” video and discussing it more in class, it got me thinking – What exactly makes a video viral? Have people created a scientific method or discovered a secret ingredient to becoming a Youtube star? Take this ultra-viral video. What does the Fox Say? by Ylvis has become an international Youtube sensation, […]

Is Anti-Social Networking What’s Next(t)?

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard of social networking — but have you ever heard of anti-social networking? I thought I hadn’t until I saw an article that I tweeted out last week, which mentioned a number of anti-social networks (Snapchat being one of them). These anti-social networks offer social […]

From Twitter Skeptic to Tweet-Crazy: My Social Media Transformation

Then: The first time I ever had to asses my use or affinity towards any form of social media was during my first day of MI021 (Computers in Management for all the non CSOM’ers out there). Being a smartphoneless freshman who wanted to rebel against the techie careers of my IBM parents, I thought I […]

Test Post MI621 Z

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