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Did I learn Anything in this Class?

From my first blog post, I could tell that I was absolutely shocked by the fact that I was potentially going to learn something in this class (probably should not have been as shocking obviously). Instead of having to memorize scenes on vases and finance equations for an exam, we were going to actually discuss […]

A Continuation of Goldman Sachs and It’s Fintech Platforms

After my presentation last week, I thought it would be a good idea to expand a bit on the other fintech platforms that Goldman Sachs’ is implementing, which I did not get to in my presentation. As I said in my presentation, GS is at the forefront of innovation in this area and are really […]

This is the End: my phone broke

My Wednesday started off relatively normal. I woke up at 7AM to get ready for work. I got on the T to go to Newbury St. Got in to work at about 9AM. All was well. At about 11AM I went to go look at my phone for the first time all morning to show some cute pictures of my niece’s 2nd birthday. That’s when my day took a turn for the worse.

VIVA LA…shit, did we do this one already?

Well, I messed up. What do you mean Grace? Well, glad you asked voice in my head. I thought I would try and save a blog topic I wanted to write about until later in the semester. Which was of course, a very huge mistake, since the topic was about a company that has essentially […]

Social Media: Why Engagement is Key.

This past weekend MIT held the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and a topic I noticed from some of the twitter posts was the emphasis on engagement over followers and assumed popularity. “People spend a ton of times looking at the wrong things. It is a legacy of an impression-driven market. People are obsessed with the […]

Streaming Services vs. Music Labels: Lets Disrupt an Industry.

A few years back I wrote a very long and heavily researched paper about the implications of streaming services on the music industry and the economy of that industry. It was stressful and took about 6 months to write and I’d essentially blacked it out of my memory until about 2 weeks ago. Roark retweeted […]

Initial Thoughts: Am I a Social Media Genius?

Social Media is a weird thing. It allows people to discuss, argue, ramble about EVERYTHING. Their job, their school, their sports teams, Hailee Steinfeld’s outfit at the Grammys (those purple boots? Yes please.). The internet is a place where people can speak their mind and also a place where a high school girl can get […]