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I have no idea what is my final conclusion.

So this is the end, 12 weeks after my first post, I am obliged to do a reflection on what did I learn, final thoughts and take-aways. But, after thinking for  two or three days about what to write, what final conclusion about social media did a get, looking for something that was interesting, useful […]

After the explosions, Split the cake.

In the aftermath of the craziness of black Friday, will focus on other kinds of events. Samsung has been in the news very often. First we saw how they presented the new version of his flagship line, then with horror we saw how this Titanic product, that some said it was the first ending punch […]

Obamagram: A presidential influencer

I didn’t want to write about something related to politics, but I failed. It is very hard on these days to get inspiration from the Internet or any other kind of source without being bombarded with news about Trump or Pence or why did or didn’t people vote them, what is going to happen or […]

The other side of the Facebook wall. The Digital Gap.

I am going to talk about a topic that, at least in my experience, has not been given the importance it should have, both politically and academically. I never see this on the news and I haven treated this topic in class neither, but the digital gap is actually, in my opinion, one of the […]

Smart City: How To Do It

The population is still nowadays increasing and changing. Increasing since we will get to eight billion people before this generation dies. Changing since, according to the UN , 66% of the total population of earth will live in cities by 2050. With this projections we are facing a challenging problem in the management of large urban […]

The Political Side of Twitter

As I am writing this article, a major event in Spanish politics is taking place. The leader of the center-left party of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, is quitting after the biggest party division in its more than 100 years of history. I don’t want to start talking about politics (I know that if I do you […]

Tay: The Nazi A.I of Microsoft

The technological development is one of this topics that has caused fear and insecurity since the beginning of time. Nowadays one the most plausible developments that the humanity is reaching is the Artificial Intelligence. The IA has filled innumerable pages of magazines and books and minutes of movies and series with the fear of becoming […]