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Wait, is this real life?

Thank you for the well wishes and comments on my previous blog. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to start a social media campaign from the ground up with MeetMeOutside. I think I have found a platform for some of my true passions. The question is… how difficult will it be for me to […]

MeetMeOutside recruits a new social media manager

Well, looks like I will be putting what we learned in this class to good use! I am now managing social media and blogging for the MeetMeOutside app I presented in class last month! Last week I met with the owners (my brother and 4 others) to discuss our strategies surrounding user acquisition and engagement. […]

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zazzle Have One Thing In Common: Josh Elman

One look at his LinkedIn profile and its clear that Josh Elman is a very popular guy in Silicon Valley. Some of his most notable accomplishments include : Facebook – Led outreach and launch of Facebook Connect – reaching over 6000 sites in less than 3 months Twitter – Led growth to reach over 100M monthly active users LinkedIn – Drove […]

REI Cancels Black Friday #OptOutside

Trending on both Instagram and Twitter is REI’s newest campaign – #OptOutside. The company has decided to close all 143 locations and let their 12,000 employees have a paid day off to get outside and rebel against retail’s biggest day of the year – Black Friday. This strategy may seem a bit crazy since 2014’s Black […]

Free Fitness: Just Show UP

Free – it’s one of my favorite words. Everyone loves a free sample, a free coffee, a free month of HBO…and now we have been given free fitness, free coaching, and free training plans! Thanks to fitness communities like November Project and South End Athletic Company we are no longer bound to the barely-affordable gym memberships and annual contracts. Continuing on […]

SpartanUp! : Social Media That Inspires

First: watch this 2 minute video: The Journey to Becoming a Spartan Second: after reading this post, I’d like to challenge you to post somewhere on social media (description, photo, or both) an obstacle that you have overcome or are working to overcome. “Comfort stunts growth, when you get outside of your comfort zone, you grow!” – Joe De […]

I wish I could find my MySpace account..

Admittedly so, when I first heard about this social media class I immediately imagined someone forcing us to blog and use technology we already know how to use. Then maybe discuss how social media has “ruined” the social aspects of real human interaction. But I am SO HAPPY I was wrong… My social media world began with […]