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Prof Kane: An Acrostic Poem

I’ve taken plenty of time to think about how to wrap up my final thoughts from ISYS6621. In an effort to be unique, I have decided to put my artistic side to the test and create an acrostic poem in memorial of the semester. P: Privacy is one of the topics I’ve enjoyed discussing the most this […]

Staying Clear of Social Media Embarrassment

Recently, I stumbled upon a Business Insider article entitled “11 of the worst social media blunders ever”. Given our class material, I had to read it to see who made the list. Justine was included with her notable tweet about going to South Africa and “avoiding” Aids. One of the more recent examples in the article came from […]

Yo, man

When I gave my #IS6621 X presentation, I focused on two emerging apps that I believed demonstrated the future of recruiting. Blippar and Yo are continuing to grow, and they have greatly developed since my initial presentation in January. I figured a blog post was in order to address the feedback I received from the presentation […]

Put a Ring(ly) On It

With the most recent launch of the Apple Watch, I became curious about other players in the wearable technology field. I also started to wonder about what all the tech products will look like in a few years. It was clear that Apple focused on the design piece, giving options on color and type of […]

A Revolutionary New App: IFTTT

Recently, I read a Quartz article entitled “Here’s how to stop looking at your phone every five seconds” written by Golden Krishna. I was intrigued to say the least. Our phones are a wonderful source of news and a useful connecting tool, but they are also distracting. The average person checks their phone up to […]

3 Ways to be a Stellar Candidate On Social Media

Chances are, you’ve at least had one job search in the past few years. In our growing world of social media, being a applicant is much more than creating an impressive paper resume. In the 2014 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, Jobvite found that 69% of recruiters “expect competition to increase in 2015”. This means that […]

The Start of a Pro Con List: Initial Thoughts on Social Media

I distinctly remember my parents forbidding me to have a Facebook in middle and high school. They viewed Facebook as daunting, scary and inappropriate. However, that caused Facebook to seem even more cool than it already was. What my parents realized before my adolescent self could was the idea that sites like Facebook and Myspace […]


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