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Clothing Brands & SM: Feeding the Online Shopping Animal

Last semester I studied abroad in London at King’s College and one of my classes was Consumer Behaviour (“u” included), a marketing elective in their business school. In true American fashion I partnered up with the three other American students in my class for the group project where we looked at the effect of social […]

Boo Radley in 2014| Un-Social Media

Social media has allowed us to become an extremely interconnected world. Facebook even created a world map of social connections. Connecting with someone we’ve never met before is now infinitely easier because of social media. And they don’t even have to be a “friend.” Through different social media platforms we are able to leverage the […]

The New Form of Parenting: Social Media Shaming

Parenting today begins the moment the baby is announced…on Facebook. With social media, everyone’s baby announcement is a production, with an underlying attempt to outdo the other parents they’ve seen on social media. And this “friendly competition” continues indefinitely. My sister announced she was pregnant with her second child by taking a picture of her […]

[Social Media] is an Open Door: The Frozen Phenomenon

As the months get colder and we approach the holidays, it is time to address the social media phenomenon that is Frozen. Like all little girls in the world, my two nieces Lily and Liza are absolutely obsessed with Frozen. They watch it probably 3 times a week and know every word to every song. […]

Celebrity Websites: Jeter vs. Lively

We are more connected than ever before with celebrities as social media allows us to follow them on Instagram and Twitter, essentially stalking their every move. Yet a few celebrities have decided to go beyond social media by creating their own websites. The reason these websites work is because the celebrities can use their fame […]

7 Reasons Why BuzzFeed is Taking Over the World.

We’ve all seen the rise and, let’s face it, domination of BuzzFeed. The “news” platform has successfully targeted the millennial generation and branded themselves as a website for the pop-culture and social media addicted young adults. The website makes articles in the attempt for them to be shared and go viral. You may even argue […]

Me, Social Media, & Our Love-Hate Relationship

My social media experience began the moment I entered my awkward middle school years, obviously the ideal time for me to start posting pictures of my scrawny tomboy appearance for the whole Internet to see. In 7th grade, everyone at my middle school was required to have a laptop as a part of the intensive […]

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